Economics (A.B.)

Terry College of Business



Economics is the study of resource allocation by individuals, business enterprises, and nations.  A social science, it forms the foundation for understanding various business disciplines, combining analytical, empirical, and historical methods to determine how an economy functions.

The major in Economics at the University of Georgia provides students with a wide range of courses and subjects of study including micro and macro theory, game theory, economics of education, analysis of law, organizational management, environmental economics, international trade, monetary economics, trade, labor, the public sector, and growth and development.  The A.B. in Economics requires electives in liberal arts education in contrast to the B.B.A. which requires business elective courses. 

Economics provides valuable preparation for careers in corporate, governmental, and consulting positions within the United States and internationally.  Students have found jobs as auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts, underwriters, and others in public administration, international business, and financial analysis fields.  Other students have chosen to pursue law school or complete an M.B.A.

Study Abroad Options: Kenya Study Abroad Program; UGA at Oxford Study Abroad Program; UGA Study Abroad in Verona, Italy