Biological Science

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences



The Biological Science major is a diverse program of study that is designed to prepare students for graduate or professional school in various health professions including veterinary medicine, human medicine, physical and occupational therapy, dentistry, and other related life science fields. This major boasts one of the highest percentages of students getting accepted into professional and graduate school at the University of Georgia.

Biological Science provides a foundational science pathway with courses in chemistry, physics, biology, genetics, and other life sciences. Electives include courses in wildlife, avian biology, entomology, animal science, ecology, physiology, and biotechnology. Students can also incorporate business courses to prepare for programs such as UGA’s STEM MBA.

Common minors for Biological Science students are Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Animal Science, Avian Biology, and Applied Biotechnology. Students in this major are not required to take a foreign language or any additional math courses beyond pre-calculus unless their intended graduate or professional school requires it.

Biological Science students will have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate research, undergraduate teaching, and paid student worker positions. Students are also eligible for CAES Scholarships each academic year they are enrolled as an undergraduate student. Students will also work with a major specific advisor for each semester they attend UGA.