Animal Science

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences



The Animal Science major at the University of Georgia is designed to provide technical and applied instruction in the biological, physical, and economic aspects of beef, swine, sheep, and horse production.  It includes the selection, breeding, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and management of livestock in the production of meat and milk, or of horses as work or companion animals. 

The curriculum prepares students for careers as livestock producers, farm managers, animal science specialists, county extension agents, vocational agricultural teachers, or research technicians.  Students also qualify for agribusiness careers with meat processing companies, feed manufacturers, breed associations, animal health companies, livestock marketing organizations, livestock equipment and supply companies, livestock publications, and related fields. 

The Animal Science major is also recommended for students wishing to enter a program of study in veterinary medicine.

Explore Careers With This Program

Agricultural and Food Science Technicians

Possible paths to this career:

Agricultural and food science technicians assist agricultural and food scientists by performing duties such as measuring and analyzing the quality of food and agricultural products.

Agricultural and Food Scientists

Possible paths to this career:

Agricultural and food scientists research ways to improve the efficiency and safety of agricultural establishments and products.